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Heavy snowfall caused traffic congestion in southern Germany. Hundreds of flights were affected

China News Service, Berlin, February 3rd The heavy snowfall on the 3rd caused traffic in many parts of Bavaria in southern Germany to be blocked. About 240 flights were cancelled on the day of Munich Airport, and about 170 flights were delayed by more than one and a half hours.

According to information released by the German Meteorological Agency on the same day, the amount of snowfall in the Alps in Bavaria is 30 centimeters, and in the Bavarian Forest and Upper Palatinate, the local snowfall has reached 20 centimeters.

The airport in Munich, the capital of Bavaria, serves as the southern aviation hub of Germany. Of the 1,000 or so flights scheduled to take off and land, about 240 were cancelled, and about 170 were delayed for more than one and a half hours. In response to the large-scale delay, the Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation quoted the airport spokesperson as saying that on the same day, due to the continuous execution of snow removal operations on multiple runways, only one runway was used for both take-off and landing; in addition, each aircraft must be carried out before take-off. Deicing is also one of the reasons.

Affected by this, flights to and from Munich and other Nuremberg airports in Munich were also cancelled.

The same ice and snow are also the rail traffic in the state. The Bavarian Highland Railway Company, a private railroad company operating in the Southern Alps, suspended all routes to the south.

The avalanche caused by heavy snowfall also caused two mountaineers in the Allgäu region of Germany and Austria to be injured. Fortunately, there is no life.

The local snowstorm warning department warned that the avalanche risk in the Alps in Bavaria has been raised from three to five. Affected by this unfavorable meteorological condition, the men's downhill race and the men's big swing competition, which were supposed to be held in the famous skiing area of ​​Garmisch-Partenkirchen in southern Bavaria on the 2nd to the 3rd, were cancelled by the organizers.

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