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A Singapore-registered vessel was hijacked in Cameroon with 26 crew members from five countries

China News, February 4th According to the Singapore Lianhe Zaobao, suspected commercial disputes, a Singapore-registered vessel carrying 26 crew members from five countries, was hijacked in Cameroon, Central Africa.

It is reported that Singapore's ship management company Eastern Pacific Shipping issued a late night on the 3rd local time, saying that the company's ship, Barents Sea, is at the Sonara refinery in Limbe. It was hijacked by a private militia armed with AK-47 assault rifles in Cameroon.

The report stated that the vessel was illegally hijacked by the local charterer (DSC Marine) and the armed forces carrying the AK-47 submachine gun in Cameroon during the standard unloading operation. The owner of DSC Marine, Jules François Famawa, illegally The kidnapping vessel is a clear violation of Cameroon and international law.

Oriental Pacific Shipping said it condemned this unwarranted provocation and strongly urged the Cameroonian government to immediately dispatch its security forces to safely rescue ships and 26 crew members.

The statement also said that there is no report of crew injuries, and it is the company's top priority to save the crew safely.

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