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Do not rule out the government to stop, Trump want to stick to the border wall?

China News, February 4, according to US media reports, President Trump said on the 3rd local time, he could not guarantee that the federal government will not stop this month, and threatened if the two parties did not want to negotiate The border wall budget will declare the country into a state of emergency.

It is reported that Trump accepted an interview with CBS on the morning of the 3rd. The interview was broadcast in the afternoon before the Super Bowl.

The report pointed out that the federal government's short-term budget will be used up on February 15th, and the two parties are also negotiating to reach an agreement as soon as possible to prevent the government from shutting down again. Trump demanded an increase of billions of dollars in border funding. Congressional Democrats and Republicans said that after their deadlock at the end of last year forced the federal agency to close for 35 days, both parties hoped to avoid closing the door again.

I don't like to take away the options on the negotiating table. This is another option. This is a national emergency, and Trump told CBS that we have to have a strong border. The only way to have a strong border is to have a physical barrier.

Trump has been threatening to declare a state of emergency on the southwestern border for weeks, a move that will enable him to turn billions of dollars in military construction funds into building the wall. However, urgent statements are almost certain to be challenged by the law.

Trump is expected to focus on immigration and border wall budget issues in his State of the Union speech on the evening of the 5th local time. White House officials said that Trump will try to solve this problem in a state-of-the-art compromise by means of a two-party compromise.

In addition, in an interview, Trump did not directly answer whether Muller should disclose his investigation report on the Russian-Russian door when questioning the question of the special prosecutor Muller's investigation of his team's investigation. It means that it depends on the Minister of Justice. I don't know what the investigation report will say.

When talking about the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan and Syria, Trump said he hopes to let some US troops stationed in Iraq continue to monitor Iran. What I want to do is to be able to stare at Iran. We built an expensive military base in Iraq. It's great for observing the troubled Middle East, Trump said.

Recently, there are reports that Secretary of State Pompeo is considering opening a road to running for Senate in his home state of Kansas. Now Kansas Republican Senator Pat Roberts will retire in 2020. In response, Trump denied the report on the same day and said that he really liked Pompeo to serve as Secretary of State. I asked him this question a few days ago, and he said that he will never leave.

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