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EU refuses to revisit the Brexit agreement British Trade Minister: irresponsible

China News Service, February 4th According to foreign media reports, in response to the EU's refusal to reopen negotiations with the UK on Brexit, British Trade Minister Fox said in an interview on the 3rd that this is irresponsible.

It is reported that the British Prime Minister Theresa May has said that in order to win the support of the British Parliament, she will seek to change the Brexit agreement she reached with the European Union (EU) last year. But the EU said the agreement could not be renegotiated.

Liam Fox told Sky News in a pre-recorded interview: They really said that they would rather not renegotiate, and ultimately (let the UK) have no agreement to leave the European Union? It is good for us to reach an agreement. As for the EU, it will not be re-discussed (the Brexit Agreement), which is quite irresponsible to me.

The UK is scheduled to leave the European Union on March 29, less than two months away from this day. The opposition Labour Party said the government has requested an extension of the EU's Lisbon Treaty Article 50 (Article 50). It will be inevitable.

Fox said that the extension of the Brexit negotiations and the failure to reach an agreement will not solve any problems; but if the UK just needs more time to implement the necessary legislation to facilitate the Brexit, this is a very different reason. Fox has previously said that he strongly opposes the postponement of Brexit.

Fox is the second high-ranking minister to make such a proposal; British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt said on January 31 that the UK needs to postpone the Brexit schedule to implement the relevant legislation on the Brexit agreement .

Fox said: If we can reach an agreement, it will take some time to implement the relevant legislation. This is one thing, and there is a big difference. I believe that simply extending the negotiation time because we have not reached an agreement will not provide any incentive for an agreement.

Fox also said that the UK will be able to handle the non-agreement of Brexit, but this is not in the national interest.

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