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The South Korean dynasty ceased hostilities in March. Korean media: Both parties fully abide by relevant agreements

Reference News Network reported on February 4 Korean media said that according to South Korean military sources on February 3, the South Korean dynasty has stopped land, sea and air hostilities according to the September 19 military agreement for three months. During this period, both parties fully abide by and implement the relevant agreements.

According to the report of the Yonhap News Agency on February 3, the person said that since the Korean dynasty has completely stopped the land, sea and air hostilities since November 1 last year, the live ammunition drills near the military demarcation line, the field maneuver exercises of the regiments and above, and the peninsula Artillery firing and maritime maneuvering training in the buffer zone on both sides of the east and west have been suspended.

Another related person also stated that the DPRK fully complied with the relevant agreements and that no violations occurred. During the Han Dynasty aircraft and drones, they did not fly into the no-fly zone according to different models. The two sides also completely stopped the relevant artillery training on the land within 5 km from the military demarcation line and the field maneuver drills of the regiment-level and above units. .

The report pointed out that the Korean and Korean dynasties in the agreement will be north of the western peninsula of the peninsula to the south of the Korean island of the island, to the south of the Korean sorghum, and to the south of the turf of the northeast of Korea. Shooting and maneuver training, closed coastal artillery muzzles, etc. were completely stopped in the waters. The agreement also stipulates that the two sides shall apply the no-fly zone set up over the relevant areas of the military demarcation line, that is, along the military demarcation line, the fixed-wing aircraft will be prohibited from entering within 40 km of the eastern region and the 20 km of the western region. UAVs are forbidden to enter the military demarcation line within 15 kilometers of the eastern Han Dynasty and 10 kilometers in the west.

The report said that for this reason, Han Jun adjusted the artillery shooting training ground and the field maneuvering plan and evaluation methods of the artillery shooting training ground and the regiment-level units within 5 km from the military demarcation line, and closed the buffer zone guns in the east and west sea areas. And the muzzle of the coastal artillery and the coastal artillery positions of Yeonpyeong Island and Baiji Island.

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