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Develop new weapons and announce new evidence Putin's "combination boxing" counterattacks the United States

On February 2, the Russian Tass news agency reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin decided to suspend the implementation of the relevant provisions of the China-Treaty Treaty. Then, Russia announced a series of retaliatory measures that had been warned before the United States to tear up the treaty. Including the publication of satellite photo evidence for the US to start a new medium-range missile in violation of the China-Israel Treaty, the announcement of the development of a new medium-range hypersonic missile, the order to start counterattacks against US space weapons, and the announcement of the first round of underwater diving of the Poseidon giant nuclear torpedo. The trial has been completed.

Tass news agency reported on February 2 that the Russian Defense Ministry released a news on its official website on Saturday, showing satellite photos of the Raytheon missile factory in Tucson, Arizona, USA, saying it showed that the United States was two years ago. The expansion of the factory began and production of missiles that violated the provisions of the China-guided treaty began.

The Russian Defense Ministry said that the factory shown in the photo has expanded its plant area by 44% since 2017 and has publicly recruited 2,000 new employees. The plant produces spare parts for various missiles and is an important subcontracting plant for the US missile and aerospace industries.

In November 2017, the US Congress approved a $58 million budget to designate a new generation of medium- and long-range land-based missiles. That is to say, in the years before the public announcement of the withdrawal of the China-Israeli Treaty, the United States has begun a substantive violation of the Central Treaty, and now the announcement of the withdrawal is only to make this decision public.

The news released by Russia is mainly to counter the US accusation that Russia is developing a 9M729 Iskander-K missile in violation of the China-Treaty Treaty.

Observer network military commentator pointed out that Reseon is a manufacturer of Tomahawk cruise missiles. In the past few years, because the United States frequently used Tomahawk missiles in military conflicts, it has added a lot to Reseon. Ordering, so the company's financial report shows that last year's profit increased by more than 6%. At present, the company is undertaking an important business to modify the US Navy's active duty of more than 4,000 Tomahawk missiles. If the United States wants to restore long-range land-based missiles, the most direct means is to develop a new generation of land-based tomahawk missiles, Russia. It has also previously accused the United States of deploying a land-based Aegis system in Eastern Europe, and the system can be deployed with Tomahawk missiles, which directly violates the China-Treaty Treaty.

In addition, the Tass news agency reported that Putin held a meeting with Defense Minister Shoygu and Foreign Minister Lavrov on the same day. He said at the meeting: If (United States) announces development and development work, then we must also take The same action, he added, I agree with the Ministry of Defense's proposal to start work on land-based 'caliber' missiles and develop a new type of hypersonic medium- and long-range missile.

According to the Shaougu report, the United States has begun the development and production of long-range and other medium-range missiles that violate the treaty. Russia has found signs that the United States has materially violated the guidelines and produced missiles.

Observer network military commentator said that the United States accused Russia of deploying the 9M729 Iskander-K cruise missile in violation of the China-Israel Treaty, and in fact the missile was launched using the Iskandar missile launch vehicle. Caliber cruise missiles, and Putin's announcement of the deployment of land-based calibers seems to be a very simple matter. The so-called new hypersonic medium-long-range missile may refer to the Rs-26 medium-long-range missile that was announced to stop development in 2017. The missile has a range of up to 6,000 kilometers. It is said to use a hypersonic glide warhead. The United States accuses the RS-26 of violating the pilot. The treaty, while the Russian side claimed that the missile's range exceeded the 5,000-kilometer level of the China-Treaty Treaty and reached 6,000 kilometers. Therefore, it belongs to the intercontinental missile and has nothing to do with the pilot treaty. However, as both sides have publicly declared the breach of the contract, then this The follow-up development and deployment of missiles should be completed in a short period of time as long as Russia has sufficient capital investment.

In addition, the Tass news agency also reported that Putin also deployed a new generation of anti-satellite weapons at the meeting. According to reports, Putin said at a meeting on Saturday: We have learned that some countries are deploying in outer space. The plan of the weapon. I hope to hear reports on how to eliminate these threats.

This is considered a response to the Trump administration's request for the deployment of a space-based anti-missile warning and interception system a few days ago.

At present, Russia has developed a variety of satellite-capable missile systems, such as the Nudore River anti-missile interceptor. The missile uses command-guide technology to implement both mid-range and anti-missile interception. Low-orbiting satellites over the sky. In addition, the Russian killer satellite system has also been reported many times. Although this system is less efficient than the Chinese kinetic series direct ascending missile, it is also capable of combating medium and high orbit satellites. . However, if you want to attack the US high-orbital anti-missile early warning satellites, a more powerful direct-rising anti-satellite missile may be a more ideal technology, and Russia may develop such systems in the next step.

In addition to the production of new types of missiles and the deployment of anti-satellite weapons, Putin also mentioned the progress of the nuclear power strategy nuclear torpedo Poseidon development at the meeting.

Putin told Shaygu: A few days ago, you informed me that the key test phase of the multi-purpose strategic underwater combat aircraft 'Poseidon' has been completed...

The Poseidon nuclear torpedo is a new type of strategic weapon in Russia. It uses nuclear power to propel and has almost unlimited voyages. It can directly launch nuclear counterattacks from Russia's offshore waters to the United States. The system is said to use 2 million tons or more. Equivalent nuclear warheads, which are launched in coastal waters, attack the coastal economic areas through radioactive tsunami and radiation dust. This is considered a Russian doomsday weapon to ensure that the United States cannot win a nuclear war.

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