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"Yellow Vest" Week 12: Dress up as a victim to protest against police use of violence

February 2, local time, French yellow vest The protest movement entered the 12th week as scheduled.

After the yellow vest leader Jerome Rodrigues was maimed by police rubber bullets and the French Supreme Court ruled on the 1st that the police had the right to use the relevant weapons, the number of protesters in Paris this week has turned over this week. Times, the protest also had a new theme - condemning the police for using violence and paying tribute to the injured in the yellow vest.

Comprehensive AFP, Associated Press, Russia Today and other reports. On the 1st, there were about 10,500 yellow vests in Paris (13800 for legal media), a significant increase from about 4,000 last week.

There are 58,600 people nationwide, down from 69,000 last week.

The demonstrators held a march of the injured, shooting yellow vests, photographs of the protesters' injuries, or dressing up as wounded to protest against police use of weapons and violence.

Rodriguez also appeared in the crowd and was warmly welcomed everywhere. On January 26, Rodriguez was hit by a 40mm rubber bullet from the police and hit his right eye, resulting in a lifelong disability. He said he would lose his eyes. Currently, the police are still investigating how Rodriguez was injured.

In the Republic Square in the heart of Paris, the yellow vest and the police confronted each other again. The latter used tear gas and high-pressure water guns and had physical conflicts with some protesters.

At the same time, a group of 59 lawyers published an open letter in the French media, condemning the court for the harsh treatment of yellow vest participants. The letter stated that the court's decision to protest the protesters was rushed through, but did not respect their rights, in stark contrast to the slow investigation into police complaints of violence.

On February 1, the French Supreme Court rejected a proposal to ban the police from using rubber bullet launchers. Yellow vest spokesperson Benjamin Cauchy said it was a regrettable decision that the weapon was extremely harmful and inaccurate, and ultimately caused more tragedy than security.

Franck Dideron, who was hit by police rubber bullets on December 1st, told the Associated Press that he was in a peaceful protest and was on the phone when he was hit. .

The police took the initiative to shoot at me. I just turned around. How is it violent? How dangerous is it to me? Dedelong said: Today I want to see this policeman coming over, standing in front of me and telling me why he is going to shoot at me.

French Interior Minister Kastana said that since the outbreak of the yellow vest protests, this weapon has been used more than 9,200 times, it does cause damage, but in the face of the mob, the police need to rely on it to come from guard.

Kastana emphasizes that any abuse of weapons will be punished.

According to official statistics, about 1,000 police officers and 1,700 demonstrators have been injured since the beginning of the yellow vest. Ten people were killed in traffic accidents related to yellow vests. According to the non-official organization Disarm collective, 17 people have been blind.

French President Mark Long said in an interview with Egyptian President Seyy in Cairo on January 28 that he was saddened by the death of 11 people in the yellow vest demonstration, but he said that this was not caused by the French security forces: they are usually stupid because of people. And lost life, but no one is a victim of security forces.

The yellow vest still doesn't mean to end. Markon said on the 31st that the protest lasted for nearly three months: If you are a 'yellow vest', it means supporting the improvement of work pay and building a more efficient If you are in Parliament, then I am one of them.

This statement was interpreted by foreign media as Mark Long's yellow vest. The protesters rarely expressed sympathy and cautious support.

In addition, Mark Long also said that he still hopes that his national debate will play a role, but reiterates that he does not accept violence.

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