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Reverse? Racial discrimination has caused huge controversy. Governor of Virginia changed his mouth: people in the picture are not me.

The US Governor of Virginia, Ralph Nosem, recently stalled. Because of an old photo, he was racist. Northam first apologized for the photo but refused to resign. On the 2nd, he changed his mouth and said that the person in the photo is not him.

Taiwan's Central News Agency reported on February 3 that Ralph Northam admitted that he had painted black face at the ball and played the late pop music Michael Jackson, but he refused to step down and insisted on the term of the governor. Finish.

CNN said that Northam's photo of racial discrimination in the campus annual magazine was first revealed by the conservative website Big League Politics.

The photo shows one person who has blacked out the entire face and the other wearing a white robes from Ku Klux Klan, but Northam did not specify which one is himself.

Northam held a press conference on the 2nd, saying that the people in the photos of the university annual magazine are not him. He told the media: A few hours after my statement was released yesterday, I and my family and my classmates thought about it carefully and confirmed that the people in the photo were not me.

Northam said that he made other mistakes, including black face in the ball game, playing Jackson, which happened in the same period of the year. He said, I did win the game because I learned Jackson's moonwalk.

Previous report: A 1984 photo was exposed to racists, and the Governor of Virginia apologized

The US Governor of Virginia, Ralph Nosem, recently stalled. Because of an old photo, he was racist. Currently, Northam has apologized for this photo but refused to resign.

According to the Washington Post report on February 1, this is a photo of the 1984 Yearbook of the Virginia Military Academy School of Medicine.

In 1984, 25-year-old Northam graduated with an undergraduate degree from the Virginia Military College School of Medicine, a pediatric neuroscientist.

On the page of Ralph Northam's yearbook, the pictures on the left are photos of Northam wearing a jacket and tie, or wearing casual clothes. However, a photo on the right has sparked controversy: one person in the photo wears a black mask, apparently satirizing blacks, while the other is wearing 3K party costumes.

The photos in this yearbook were first published on the 1st by the conservative news media Big League Politics and quickly confirmed by the state's largest daily newspaper, the Virginia Pilots. The Washington Post also verified the authenticity of the photos in this yearbook at the medical school library.

After this old photo was exposed, Northam was accused by many parties, and some even asked him to step down immediately.

Victoria's Republican leader Jack Wilson said that Northam should step down immediately. Wilson said in a statement: Virginia cannot tolerate racism. These photos are completely inappropriate. If Governor Northam wears a black mask or wears 3K party costumes, he should immediately resign.

Democrat 2020 presidential candidate Julian Castro also asked Northam to resign. He wrote on Twitter: It doesn't matter whether he (Northam) is a Republican or a Democrat. This kind of behavior is racist and unreasonable. Governor Northam should resign.

An African-American political activist Peggy, who knew him from Northam's first campaign, also said she was disappointed with the news and hoped that Northam would step down. She said: I am very disappointed, and I think he can no longer lead the party.

Of course, some people expressed support for Nosem.

Democrat Senator Richard L. Saslaw said that Northam's life is exactly the opposite of this (racism), which is a matter of concern, not what happened 30 years ago. .

He also said that although this incident is very bad, I think that even the representatives in Congress are not willing to look back at their university. Northam has been helping others in life, and even many times it is not rewarding.

One of Northam's closest friends, Senator Richard Stewart also said that he is a doctor who has devoted his life to caring for children. He has helped a large number of children in Congress, including republicanism and democracy. Two-party people.

For the alleged racial discrimination, Northam issued an apology video on February 1 and apologized on the matter.

I am deeply sorry for the way I have been in the photo and the damage caused by this behavior. Northam said.

The damage caused by this matter takes time and real effort to make up. I'm ready. The first step is to express my most sincere apology, and I will work hard to live up to the expectations of the people of Virginia when they elect me as governor. He also said.

But he did not disclose which one of the photos was him and refused to resign.

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