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The world's largest espionage museum opened in New York 40 years ago, the agent equipment debut -

Reference News Network reported on February 3 Western media said that the world's largest spy supplies museum opened in New York.

According to the Spanish National News website reported on January 31, if you want to experience the feeling of being a KGB agent, the instructor said, then put on this leather jacket. This is a black long leather jacket, very heavy. Previously, the commentator had spent an hour introducing visitors to the various technical equipment used by Soviet agents to gather intelligence, as well as the history of the intelligence services of the Soviet Union and Russia from the KGB to the Federal Security Service.

Celebrity Agni Urbertit said that this is the world's largest spyware exhibition. The exhibition space, called the KGB Spy Museum, opened in Chelsea, New York City in early January, and was once a modern art gallery. Ulbatit is the head of the museum.

When you walk into the museum, the first thing visitors see is a bust of the KGB founder Felix Dzerzhinsky.

Not far from the replica of the poisonous umbrella used by the Bulgarian dissident Georgy Markov. On September 7, 1978, Markov was stabbed in the legs with an umbrella in London. After that he continued to have a high fever and died in the hospital a few days later. Later investigations revealed that he died of ricin from a poisonous umbrella.

It is reported that there is also a lipstick gun with similar assassination function, as well as spy cameras that have appeared in many 007 series movies. One of the very small cameras can be hidden in the belt buckle. Exhibits that can't be missed include a miniature camera hidden behind the buttons. One of the most amazing exhibits is a thermometer used by KGB's executioners. They put the thermometer into the stomach of the person being executed to confirm whether it really died. If the body temperature does not drop, they will make a few shots.

The museum's exhibits also include the iron gates of several cells in the KGB prison and the KGB's bugs installed at the US Embassy in Moscow. The commentator said: This type of bug can work without a battery. It took the US intelligence agency a year to crack the technology.

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