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The army appeared in high-ranking military officials, and the military denounced: the traitors kneeled in front of the imperialists!

The Venezuelan military issued a letter on the Twitter account on the 2nd local time, denying the traitors to kneel in the face of imperialism.

Early, the Venezuelan Air Force general and the director of the strategic plan of the Bolivian Air Force's highest command, Yáñez Rodriguez, made a video on social media, saying that the country needs to go to democracy and support the interim president Guaido. It is said that 90% of the army choose to stand with the people and reject the dictator.

The US President's National Security Adviser Bolton quickly called on other Venezuelan soldiers to follow Janes. Voice of America said that this is the first public opinion of Venezuela's high-ranking military personnel, which may trigger a chain effect.

The Venezuelan Army issued a message on Twitter late at night to emphasize that it will continue to be loyal to the Maduro government, and our army will not tolerate such behavior. The Venezuelan Air Force remains loyal to our president, and despite such traitors, we will still win.

Russian satellite network reported that other Venezuelan officials and military departments also issued similar condemnations to Yáñez. The Air Force's official social account accused him of not being worthy of being a betrayed loyalty vow of the military in the face of imperialism's demands. . The account article also stated that the Venezuelan military insisted that a traitor would emerge and that thousands of patriots would emerge and they knew how to defend Venezuela.

On the 1st, Maduro oversaw military exercises throughout Venezuela and reiterated that he would defend the government at all costs. Maduro told hundreds of soldiers around the armored vehicles that we are facing the greatest political, diplomatic and economic aggression Venezuela has suffered in the past 200 years.

The New York Post reported on the 2nd that since the outbreak of the protest, the majority of the Venezuelan military support Maduro. In 2014 and 2017, the military helped Maduro calm the situation.

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