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Abe first experienced QR code shopping: a little nervous, but it is really easy to buy

The Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visited the Totsuka Ginza shopping street in Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo on the 2nd, and experienced the shopping method of IC card electronic money and QR code settlement service. Before the implementation of the points rebate for the consumption tax increase in October, the goal is to promote universal cashless settlement. Abe talked to the media about the feelings, saying that the first experience was a little nervous, but it was really easy to buy.

Japan Kyodo News reported on February 2 that Abe used a IC card issued by a convenience store to buy sashimi such as tuna belly meat at a fresh fish shop. Later, in the flower shop, a bouquet of roses and the like was purchased through two-dimensional code settlement.

Japan will implement a nine-month point rebate measure from October to June next year. If you pay in small and medium-sized stores by credit card, electronic money, etc. without cash, the purchaser will receive 5% of the amount spent.

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