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The Nigerian vice president crashed when he landed on a helicopter.

Nigeria is scheduled to hold a general election on February 16. A helicopter that was taken by Nigerian Vice President Osing Baggio on the 2nd (Saturday) crashed during the landing in Koji, Nepal. Fortunately, no one was killed or injured.

The US cable news network reported on February 2 that a spokesman for Nigerian Vice President Osing Baggio said that Osing Baggio was not injured after the helicopter crash. Photographs on the scene show that the helicopter rolled over after the accident.

Before the election, Osing Baggio was campaigning for his party and gave a speech as planned shortly after the crash. We are very grateful to God for saving our lives from the events that have just happened. . Each of us is safe and no one is hurt.

Osing Baggio said that God keeps us alive, keeps us safe, and saves us from death so that we can do more for our people and the country.

Osing Baggio then sent a video of his campaign on Twitter, thanking the staff and his blessings, and wrote that we are safe!

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