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The Japanese year is difficult to determine? Some have been nominated for 40 times and have not been selected.

Overseas Network February 3rd] According to the Japan News Agency, on May 1, 2019, Japan will change the year number, and the three-month period of the Heisei era will end. The new year number will be announced on April 1 after a lot of discussion.

It is reported that the current Japanese Emperor Mingren will be abdicated on April 30, 2019, and the 59-year-old Crown Prince Deren will be in the next day (May 1). This is the first time the Japanese emperor has changed in the past. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said at the press conference at the beginning of the year that the Japanese New Year will be announced on April 1. However, Japan officially began to use the new year number, starting from May 1.

In 1979, the Japanese government promulgated the Yuanyuan Law, which stipulated that some Japanese scholars should be appointed by the Japanese Prime Minister to propose several years. After consulting the Speakers of the Senate and the House of Representatives, they would then submit them to the Cabinet for decision.

Meiji 10 times. Taisho 4 times, 1 time. Japanese media said that these figures represent the number of times that Japan was nominated when it changed its name in history.

The honorary professor of Kyoto University of Technology specializing in the research year said that the year number that was not used most frequently was Guardian, who had been beaten 40 times before. Then there is Kuan, 33 times. The third place is the 26th Jianzheng. Although it has been smashed 26 times, when it can be a year, it seems to be a distant problem.

Year of the Year Meiji has been a candidate for two times in the Japanese city, and eight times in the Edo era. Taisho was also used four times in the Kamakura and Edo eras. Even the current year, Pingcheng, has been a candidate since the end of the Shogunate era and was eventually adopted.

But there are also some lucky years, such as Showa, which was the first candidate and was adopted immediately.

It is reported that the Chinese year number is called the yuan number in Japan, and it can be traced back to the ancient Han Dynasty in China. According to the records of the Japanese clerk, the earliest Japanese number appeared in 645 when Dahua was remodeled. At that time, Dahua was used as the year number. In the middle and late 7th century, the record of the year number appeared intermittently. Until 701, Emperor Wenwu was 5 years old and Jianyuan Dabao. Since then, the year has been used as a fixed era.

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